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Tutorials: Find your way around GitLab

Get to know the features of GitLab and where to find them so you can get up and running quickly.

Topic Description Good for beginners
GitLab with Git Essentials Learn the basics of Git and GitLab in this self-paced course. {star}
Use GitLab for DevOps (12m 34s) Use GitLab through the entire DevOps lifecycle, from planning to monitoring. {star}
Use the left sidebar to navigate GitLab Start navigating the GitLab UI. {star}
Use Markdown at GitLab GitLab Flavored Markdown (GLFM) is used in many areas of GitLab, for example, in merge requests. {star}
Learn GitLab project walkthrough (59m 2s) Step through the tutorial-style issues in the Learn GitLab project. If you don't have this project, download the export file and import it to a new project.
GitLab Continuous Delivery overview (17m 2s) Learn how to use GitLab features to continuously build, test, and deploy iterative code changes.
Productivity tips Get tips to help make you a productive GitLab user.