Group releases API (FREE ALL)

Review your groups' releases with the REST API.

NOTE: For more information about the project releases API, see Releases API.

FLAG: On self-managed GitLab, by default this feature is not available. To make it available, an administrator can enable the feature flag named group_releases_finder_inoperator.

List group releases

Returns a list of group releases.

GET /groups/:id/releases
GET /groups/:id/releases?simple=true


Attribute Type Required Description
id integer/string yes The ID or URL-encoded path of the group owned by the authenticated user.
sort string no The direction of the order. Either desc (default) for descending order or asc for ascending order.
simple boolean no Return only limited fields for each release.
curl --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: <your_access_token>" ""

Example response:

    "name": "standard release",
    "tag_name": "releasetag",
    "description": "",
    "created_at": "2022-01-10T15:23:15.529Z",
    "released_at": "2022-01-10T15:23:15.529Z",
    "author": {
      "id": 1,
      "username": "root",
      "name": "Administrator",
      "state": "active",
      "avatar_url": "",
      "web_url": ""
    "commit": {
      "id": "e8cbb845ae5a53a2fef2938cf63cf82efc10d993",
      "short_id": "e8cbb845",
      "created_at": "2022-01-10T15:20:29.000+00:00",
      "parent_ids": [],
      "title": "Update test",
      "message": "Update test",
      "author_name": "Administrator",
      "author_email": "",
      "authored_date": "2022-01-10T15:20:29.000+00:00",
      "committer_name": "Administrator",
      "committer_email": "",
      "committed_date": "2022-01-10T15:20:29.000+00:00",
      "trailers": {},
      "web_url": ""
    "upcoming_release": false,
    "commit_path": "/testgroup/test/-/commit/e8cbb845ae5a53a2fef2938cf63cf82efc10d993",
    "tag_path": "/testgroup/test/-/tags/testtag"