Documentation site architecture

The gitlab-docs project hosts the repository which is used to generate the GitLab documentation website and is deployed to It uses the Nanoc static site generator.

View the gitlab-docs architecture page for more information.

Source files

The documentation source files are in the same repositories as the product code.

Project Path
GitLab /doc
GitLab Runner /docs
Omnibus GitLab /doc
Charts /doc
GitLab Operator /doc

Documentation issues and merge requests are part of their respective repositories and all have the label Documentation.


Documentation for GitLab, GitLab Runner, GitLab Operator, Omnibus GitLab, and Charts is published to

The same documentation is included in the application. To view the in-product help, go to the URL and add /help at the end. Only help for your current edition and version is included.

Help for other versions is available at

Updating older versions

If you need to add or edit documentation for a GitLab version that has already been released, follow the patch release runbook.

Documentation in other repositories

If you have code and documentation in a repository other than the primary repositories, you should keep the documentation with the code in that repository.

Then you can use one of these approaches:

Monthly release process (versions)

The docs website supports versions and each month we add the latest one to the list. For more information, read about the monthly release process.

Danger Bot

GitLab uses Danger for some elements in code review. For docs changes in merge requests, whenever a change to files under /doc is made, Danger Bot leaves a comment with further instructions about the documentation process. This is configured in the Dangerfile in the GitLab repository under /danger/documentation/.