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Dog whistle 101: Basic tips and techniques you need to know



They say that feeling sorry for yourself after an emotional loss is extremely harmful. You have to learn to take good care of yourself to survive in this awful world. No-one can help you if you don’t want to help yourself recover. The most feasible solution for you is to get an ESA to give you companionship. Taking care of him/her will massively decrease your anxiety and depression.


How to take care of your new friend


After you are diagnosed by a mental health professional, you can think about buying an ESA. When the esa letter arrives at your doorstep, you can use it to purchase the animal of your choice to give you company in your apartment, some malls, restaurants, and airlines, etc. Your ESA is a living being so you have to take good care of it. Be affectionate, teach them tricks, feed them the best food and provide them a comfortable environment. 


Ten breeds of dogs best suited for city living


What are training whistles?


These whistles produce a sound that is inaudible to humans but very annoying for dogs. Modern dog whistles have frequency adjusters that can inflict slight pain upon the dog to make them behave. If you want to teach your dog to fetch, sit, stop on command, you can use a training whistle.  If they decide to eat chocolate (toxic) or bite the furniture, a high-frequency blow would make them understand that the behavior is unacceptable.


Tips on how to effectively use training whistle

  1.     Don't use it frequently

Blow th

e whistle in emergency cases only. If you start using the whistle every time your dog does the slightest inconvenient act, they will get used to it. Blowing the whistle will thus have no effect on him/her. Only use the whistle to train them or for ill behavior.Read about can dogs eat broccoli.

  1.     Use it as an attention gainer only

Let’s su

ppose your dog is constantly barking without any reason. You should blow it once and get your dog’s attention. Now pet your dog and make him/her comfortable. Now reward the silence with one of their favorite snacks and repeat the process a few times till it works.

  1. Different blows for different commands

You need to memorize different kinds of whistling techniques for each command. If you want your dog to sit, you may blow on the whistle twice in one second. The same command should not be used to ask your dog to fetch something. To memorize the commands, write them down on a notepad or on your phone. Make the emergency blows the easiest to remember e.g., a strong blow for 3-4 seconds. If your dog is tearing up furniture or trying to eat something toxic, you shouldn't have to go through your notes to make them stop and to know about can dogs eat popcorn.

  1. Treats

Use treats along with the whistle for maximum effect. After your dog successfully obeys you, provide them with their favorite treat. This way they will associate the whistle with positive behavior and won't be bothered with the high pitch sounds during training. Training should be done only when you have all their favorite treats


  1. Be patient


The whole process of training a dog with a whistle is not as easy as you might think. If you have just gotten your emotional support animal letter, make your new companion comfortable first. Provide them with food, shelter, cuddles, and groom them before you even think about training them. Dog whistles are powerful tools so research their usage on YouTube beforehand.




An ESA can be purchased as soon as you get the letter at your doorstep. The whole process is very convenient so there's no need to wait. After getting an ESA, train them to listen to your commands. Be patient during the training session because some dogs find the idea of training very unusual. Feeding them treats will help them understand better.


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