Instance Configuration

In this page you will find information about the settings that are used in your current instance.

Table of contents

SSH host key fingerprints

Below are the fingerprints for the current instance SSH host keys.

Algorithm MD5 SHA256
ECDSA be:c8:77:59:90:6e:97:67:8c:46:df:2a:6f:44:e2:aa SHA256:5qnEUdhbgHQSPd+7eJ3qGBYzTdGpt2bUnprNL3wtGgw
ED25519 d6:d9:09:1a:60:ae:d8:f2:33:c3:a5:20:e7:cb:16:e8 SHA256:B6CTRcSraOGzO+I8JNkYctKQNAeEsua7wS7abOY4yqA
RSA 53:73:0b:9d:65:14:a6:8c:80:bd:98:83:35:02:5a:ff SHA256:kXezC89xIbVI73NArtUe5W0QEzf9dtI3X3rAQCnBEmk

GitLab Pages

Below are the settings for GitLab Pages.

Domain Name
IP Address
Port 80

Size Limits

There are several size limits in place.

Maximum attachment size 10 MiB
Maximum push size -
Maximum export size -
Maximum import size 50 MiB
Maximum diff patch size 200 KiB
Maximum job artifact size 100 MiB
Maximum page size 100 MiB
Maximum snippet size 50 MiB

Package Registry

There are several file size limits in place for the Package Registry.

Package type Premium Ultimate Default
Conan 3 GiB 3 GiB 3 GiB
Helm 5 MiB 5 MiB 5 MiB
Maven 3 GiB 3 GiB 3 GiB
npm 500 MiB 500 MiB 500 MiB
NuGet 500 MiB 500 MiB 500 MiB
PyPI 3 GiB 3 GiB 3 GiB
Terraform Module 1 GiB 1 GiB 1 GiB
Generic 5 GiB 5 GiB 5 GiB

Rate Limits

There are several rate limits in place to protect the system.

Rate limit Requests per period Period in seconds
Unauthenticated requests - -
Package Registry: unauthenticated API requests - -

CI/CD limits

There are several CI/CD limits in place.

Limit Premium Ultimate Default
Maximum number of jobs in a single pipeline - - -
Total number of jobs in currently active pipelines - - -
Maximum number of pipeline subscriptions to and from a project 2 2 2
Maximum number of pipeline schedules 10 10 10
Maximum number of DAG dependencies that a job can have 50 50 50
Maximum number of runners registered per group 1000 1000 1000
Maximum number of runners registered per project 1000 1000 1000